WeatherTec Floor Mats Website Review & Ratings + WeatherTec Floor Mats Coupons
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WeatherTec Floor Mats Website Review & Ratings + WeatherTec Floor Mats Coupons

WeatherTec Floor Mats: Products & Services

WeatherTech Floor Mats are one of the products sold under the WeatherTech name.  These floor mats come in several types.  A customer can order a floor mat that will guard the complete lower interior of his car.  These are built to scale for each car model.  Another option is floormats which will simply cover the floor of the car and not the door and center rise areas.  Another option is a floor mat that covers the complete back seat floor area including the rise.  All of these mats are made in the United States from a patented compound of rubber and plastics.  These mats are oderless which is important for young children and sensitive passengers.

WeatherTec Floor Mats: Company Background

WeatherTech Floor Mats are made by McNeil Automotive Manufacturing located in Bolingbrook, Illinois.  The company was started by David McNeil who continues as the company CEO.  All of their products are made in the United States.  They do not have retail outlets, but there is a company store at the headquarters in Illinois.  Founded in 1989, the company is expanding its reach internationally by also building products for well-known European car manufacturers of high end automobiles including all four of the German car manufacturers.

WeatherTec Floor Mats: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Most reviews for this product are positve.  Shoppers at Autoanything rate the company at 4.4 with almost 2,000 reviews. Users at autoaccessoriesgarage voted them 96/100.   Here are some examples of customer comments:

  • Have purchased the Weatertech floor mats for both my 04 Escape and my '03 Malibu. Great protection from the harsh elements for both vehicles and would recommend them in a heart beat, to anyone who wants to keep their vehicles carpet and storage area looking like it just came off the showroom floor.
  • I ordered your mats because they were designated for my vehicle. Well they don't fit very well at all. They are +/- 1.5 inch to wide.
  • Floor mats installed easily and look great inside the car. Initially I was not sure I was going to like how they looked and/or fitted inside the car. Now a few weeks after installation I love the fit and aesthetics of the mats.
  • Just let them warm up in the sun and they conform to your vehicle.
  • Perfect fit for my 2010 Escape. Keeps carpets clean, easy to clean mats.
WeatherTec Floor Mats: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

WeatherTech Floor Mats is not listed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  They do have a rating of B- (B minus) with the BBB due to lack of company information and some customer issues.  Most of the customer issues center around issues with the product.  Since 2003, 53 complaints have been filed with the BBB.  Most have been resolved.  This company is featured in most car magazines and similar media.  The company has been certified to the ISO/TS 16949 Quality Standard prepared by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) and the Technical Committee of the ISO.

WeatherTec Floor Mats: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

From Alexa, the WeatherTech website ranks about 10,000 in the United States.  It has over 600 other sites that link into it.  The website is most popular in the cities of Detriot, Greensboro and Pittsburgh.  The website is accessed by those with college education and mostly by those over the age of 45.  The site has about 250,000 visitors per day.  The company ranks at 4 by Google's Page Rank which is a mid-range ranking. Visitors to the site have been increasing over the last three months.

WeatherTec Floor Mats: Social Media Presence

WeatherTech has a good social media presence.  They have a page on Facebook that is fairly busy with over 4,000 members.  The company replies to questions on this site by customers.  The company also chats with customers on its Twitter page which has about 1200 followers at this time.  There is a channel on YouTube which features company videos and other information.  This channel has about 80 regular members.  The company has a Google Plus page which has about 187 members at this time.  The type of business that WeatherTech is may not lend itself to too many repeat viewers since each product is warrantied for 10 years.  Most of the discussion is about when mats for new cars will be available.

WeatherTec Floor Mats: Website Security & Safety

The WeatherTech website uses SSL technology to protect any personal information transmitted over the internet.  The company's transactions are verified using an VeriSign Secure Server ID.  The company meets the standards set up by VeriSign.  Google's Safe Browsing Tool rates this company as safe for consumers to visit.  Google's site can be visited here.

WeatherTec Floor Mats: Pricing & Packages

Pricing does depend on the model of car involved.  However, the price of four floor mats for a front and back seat starts at $99.00.  If you want the larger mats which cover just about all of the car floor you will have to pay a bit more.  These start at $230.  Cargo liners are sold separately and start around $99 and up.  The price of these mats is more than other competitors in some cases.  Husky charges $55 and $70 for the same four liners which adds up to $125.  For the floor liners Husky charges about $190 to start.  Other top of the line retailers charge around $60 to $80 for one set of mats for the front or back.  Some of these mats are not made out of rubber but rather a plastic based material which is part of the reasons they are priced lower.  Generic mats are available from $16 to $35, but these mats do not offer the same protection against spills and sand in the car because they have no indentations to catch these items.

WeatherTec Floor Mats: Shipping Rates & Policies

These mats are rubbers and weight more than the average package.  A set of four weighs about 7-8 pounds and results in higher shipping than many other items.  Shipping starts at $15 per set for ground shipping.  However, if you order more mats with your order, the company will only charge you for the first item or shipping on one set.  This is a good deal if you are ordering for multiple cars.  The company ships within 7 to 10 days in the 48 continuous states or sooner.  The midwest has the fastest shipping due to the company location.  The company does ship internationally, but it is quite expensive.  WeatherTech has international dealers that can ship to foreign customers directly from that country saving quite a bit on shipping costs.  This is explained on WeatherTech's international shipping page.

WeatherTec Floor Mats: Payment Methods Accepted

WeatherTech accepts the four major credit cards which are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.  It will also take Paypal and Google Wallet to pay for an order.  Other arrangements may be made by calling customer service such as using a PO number or setting up a corporate account.

WeatherTec Floor Mats: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

All of WeatherTechs floor mats are warrantied for 10 years.  Customers wishing to return the mats under the warranty should contact customer service.  Customers have 30 days to return their purchases.  A return authorization number must be obtained from customer service and the item must be returned in the original box. The company does deduct shipping on returned items unless paid by the customer or the problem was the fault of the company.

WeatherTec Floor Mats: Product images & screenshots
WeatherTec Floor Mats Coupons
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